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Macchine Autonome e Scritture: la mia Scoperta dell'America

Rete Rosa

Irene racconta la sua esperienza di scrittrice e ingegnere sul blog di Rete Rosa, una rete creata per connettere professioniste Italiane che vivono nella Bay Area

Followives in the list of recommended Expat books on Immiguide


Immiguide is a website offering resources for future expats.

Followives: storie di donne che espatriano per amore e… si realizzano lo stesso

La Voce di New York

Leggi l'intervista a Irene su La Voce di New York, quotidiano indipendente rivolto a tutti i lettori italiani e a chi nella lingua e nella cultura italiana ha trovato una passione di vita.

Author Interview Series: Irene Perali

CritiqueMatch Blog

Irene tells her story and what inspired Followives on CritiqueMatch, a website to find beta-readers.

Irene's journey to self-publishing

CritiqueMatch Blog

Irene explains why she decided to self-publish and gives some advice to those who want to do the same

Followives online book launch featured on 

We ♥︎ Italian

We love Italian is an association to promote Italian culture in and for the Western United States. 

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Successful Collaborations and Services Used


CritiqueMatch is a platform where writers can connect with other writers and beta readers. Beta readers are essential to bring a draft to the next level. Whether you are a writer who needs feedback or a reader who likes to review early drafts, Irene highly recommends CritiqueMatch!

Marta Pilosio Illustration

If you want to enter the magical world of Followives' cover illustrator, check out Marta Pilosio's website.

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